Heavy Fuel Engines for Heavy Lift Drones

heavy fuel engines heavy lift drones Orbital UAV, Animal DynamicsOrbital UAV and Animal Dynamics Sign MoU, Explore Fuel Engine Systems

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M. Crosby

Integrated propulsion systems leader Orbital UAV and uncrewed aerial logistics company Animal Dynamics have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

The two companies will work together to explore initial concepts for a heavy fuel engine system for Animal Dynamics’s Stork-STM, a heavy lift UAS designed to carry up to 135 kg for a maximum range of 400 km in harsh environments. Orbital UAV will leverage its experience with industry leading engines capable of operating in extreme temperatures, and will aid in accelerating Stork-STM’s commercial deployment.

“Animal Dynamics represents an exciting opportunity to take Orbital UAV’s patented engine technology into the European market and expand our global reach,” said Orbital UAV CEO and Managing Director Todd Alder. “Stork-STM is a ground-breaking UAS, that will create a unique solution for the defence sector, and beyond.”

“Orbital represent our first choice to develop the best possible powertrain for our vehicle,” added Animal Dynamics CEO Kevin Allington. “We’re confident our customers will be able to rely on their performant and reliable technology in the most difficult operating environments.”

heavy fuel engines heavy lift drones Orbital UAV Animal Dynamics

In addition to Stork-STM, the engine system will power Australia’s Pelican, currently being developed in Sydney alongside Animal Dynamics and Omega Dev Group.

“Orbital’s world class engineering is another good reason for the Australian Defence Force to be confident that our Pelican UAV brings class leading performance and value for money,” said Omega Dev CEO Blair Hickey.

Heavy fuel engine capability remains a growing requirement for the global UAS market. With an increase in parties seeking to meet this requirement, Orbital UAV’s unique technology and industry leading engine performance continues to draw new customers.

“The logistical and safety benefits of heavy fuel – combined with Orbital UAV’s patented technology and proven capability – continue to drive our global growth opportunity,” said Alder. “We already have established contracts with prime contractors in the USA and our major Singapore defence customer. This opportunity with Animal Dynamics expands our global reach and builds on a number of other near-term opportunities.”

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