ADU 01251: Mavic 2 EA vs Mavic 3 – is the Mavic 2 EA a good buy?

Today’s show is about the battle of the Mavics – the Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual Advanced vs the Mavic 3.

Our question for today is from James, who would like to know if the Mavic 2 EA is a better option and if DJI is shifting its product strategy to enterprise drones.

We start off the episode discussing the recent evolution of Mavic drones and discuss the features of the new M30 drone from DJI. we discuss the many differing features in these 3 drones from construction of drones to lenses and resolutions.

We then discuss DJI’s product line up and innovation strategy and if DJI is shifting slowly towards the enterprise edition route and what it means for drone pilots. We then look into product features and pricing factors that pilots consider when purchasing a drone and when comparing drones on the market.

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[05:02] Today’s question on Mavic 2 Enterprise DA – Is the Mavic 2 EDA a good buy?
[07:22] Is DJI shifting to newer Enterprise equipment?
[08:08] Does the new DJI M30 take enterprise drones to a new level?

[11:35] Factors that influence drone purchasing decisions

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