BONUS: Drone Life News 001 – 2021 FAA Symposium, BVLOS Flights, World’s Smallest microLiDAR, Sony Airpeak S1

In the first-ever edition of Drone Life News, we are joined by the incredible Miriam McNabb of DroneLife and JobforDrones to share with us some of the latest and most exciting news from the world of drones.

Our biggest story this week is about the 2021 FAA Symposium.

One of the most important events of the drone world, the 2021 FAA Symposium concluded last week. And one of the most significant developments from the symposium was the announcement of a new ARC for BVLOS flights. The FAA also shared some important information regarding remote-id and how they plan to ensure compliance.

Towards the end of the show, we draw interesting parallels between the drone industry and the automobile industry – and debate whether remote-id will lead to safer airspace. And result in wider adoption of drones.

Certainly, you do not want to miss this segment of the show.

Other topics discussed on today’s show include the all-new Sony Airpeak S1, the world’s smallest micorLiDAR, and some latest updates on the industry leader, DJI.

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  • [00:00]We welcome Miriam from Drone Life to the first ever news edition!
  • [01:05]Highlights of the 2021 FAA Symposium
  • [01:55]FAA Admin announces new ARC for BVLOS Flights
  • [03:32]Are BVLOS flights set to become reality soon?
  • [04:30]Drone deliveries to finally take off in a big way?
  • [06:33]DJI’s government-edition drones cleared by DOD
  • [08:52]US government backs domestic drone industry to the hilt by treating it as “critical infrastructure”
  • [11:20]The World’s Smallest microLiDAR to equip drones to “see better” in future?
  • [14:52]Sony announces the Airpeak S1 – will it manage to compete with the likes of the Inspire 2?
  • [19:04]Will law enforcement take over the reins from FAA?
  • [21:00]Drones vs. automobiles – rather than manned aircraft, should we look at automobiles while formulating drone legislation?


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