Apple’s full-size HomePod 2 could launch sooner than expected

The big HomePod could be back soon. But how pricey and how functional will it be?
Apple’s HomePod 2 could be around the corner.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple’s new full-size HomePod with even better sound quality could launch “fairly soon.” The updated smart speaker should pack improved touch controls and feature Matter with Thread support while carrying a lower price than the original model.

The original HomePod debuted in 2018, but Apple discontinued it in 2021 following poor sales due to its steep $299 price.

How soon will Apple announce the HomePod 2?

A Bloomberg report recently suggested Apple’s larger HomePod will launch this year. Now, Mark Gurman claims the speaker should launch “fairly soon.” While there’s no confirmed timeline, Apple could announce the new HomePod in Q1 2023.

Apple is rumored to announce new Mac products later today (January 17th). However, the company’s new smart speaker is unlikely to debut so soon, given the lack of rumors around it. So, a Q1 2023 launch timeline seems more plausible. And since the full-size HomePod would be making a comeback of sorts, Apple might not prefer to announce it via a simple press release.

Apple’s new HomePod could deliver even better sound quality

As a follow-up to the original HomePod, the Cupertino giant launched the HomePod mini in 2020. It delivered largely the same sound quality as its discontinued bigger brother in a more compact size and lower price tag. But unlike its full-size brother, the mini model cannot provide the same fullness in the sound quality department.

The HomePod 2 has reportedly been in development for a while now. It should be similar in size to the original HomePod and deliver even better sound quality. Apple’s S8 chip, found inside the Apple Watch Ultra and the Apple Watch Series 8, will seemingly power the speaker.

Apple is reportedly also working on an iPad cradle with a built-in speaker. The device will work as a standalone HomePod smart speaker. With the iPad docked, it will act as a smart home hub for controlling your smart home devices.

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