Trouble with Custom Mouse Pointer Colors and Transparency / Mouse Over text

I use a giant cursor, and have it rendered as yellow outlined by red. Yeah, my vision is bad enough that I really LOVE those features! (size and color of mouse pointer)

However, when I encounter mouse-over text, the cursor sits on top of it and I can’t read most of it. I’ve tried to quickly move the mouse pointer away, but that usually doesn’t work.

I had the idea today to make my giant mouse pointer colors slightly transparent, so I could read the moused-over text through the pointer.

BUT if you set the transparency of the outline color below 92% it changes to white.

If you set the transparency of the fill color below 92% it turns black.

I understand that letting people turn down transparency all the way, you could lose the mouse pointer completely, so it makes sense that transparency is limited for the mouse colors. But it seems like a 50% or 75% opaque would still allow the cursor to be seen AND still see the text that’s behind it.

At 92% opaque, you can sort of see the text behind the cursor, it’s not a complete failure, but it’s very faint.

Does anybody know about this subject in more depth. Because it’s a real-world accessibility issue, I’d like to tell Apple about it?

Any other thoughts?

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